Cool Japan Travel brings for you cool Japan experience



Tourism demand for visiting Japan that grows year by year.
As that number increases, the needs of tourists are changing from simple consuming and sightseeing to "experiencing what they like".
The popularity of pilgrimage-tour of such as animation works increased, and its demand has created some sorts of opportunities to get focused in various parts of Japan, leading to regional revitalization.
The KADOKAWA Group, which has been producing cool Japan content mainly around animation, comics, light novels, etc., has established a tour planning company.
With the achievements that we have been creating and nurturing original content and works for many years, we will provide tours that brings excitement and experience that has never been before, for tourists around the world.


Company Name
Cool Japan Travel, Inc.
17-8 Nishikata1-choume Bunkyou-ku Tokyo
24th of Feb. 2017
KADOKAWA ASCII Research Laboratories, Inc.(75%)
WILLER, Inc.(25%)
88,000,000 JPY
Business contents
Tour planning / promoting, event conducting and consulting
Composition of officers
President / CEO:Tadashi Fukuda
Vice President:Teruaki Ishihara
Vice President:Koichi Sekiya
Vice President:Shigetaka Murase
Vice President:Maki Mitsuyoshi
Vice President:Susumu Tsukamoto
Vice President:Takashi Yokozawa
Auditor:Takashi Yamaguchi